About Our Party

Palm Beach County has over 400,000 registered Democrats.  Of that number, over 500 are elected/selected members of the Democratic Executive Committee (DEC), the governing body for the Palm Beach County Democratic Party.

In accordance with DEC bylaws, members of the DEC elect the leadership team. 

The DEC is responsible for coordinating all Democratic activities in the county.  DEC membership is composed of DEC precinct and zone leaders, presidents of Democratic clubs, presidents of various Democratic caucuses, appointed members and County Democratic elected officials.

Elected offices include:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair (must be of the opposite sex of the Chair)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • State Committeewoman
  • State Committeeman


The Chair appoints persons to fill additional offices as needed. Current appointed board members include:

  • Parliamentarian
  • Sergeant at Arms
  • Recording Secretary
  • Club/Caucus Liaison
  • Zone Leader Liaison
  • Administration & Office Staff

Our standing committees, special committees, caucuses and Democratic clubs are integral to the Palm Beach County Democratic Party organization. Each of these has its own officers, its own organization and its own bylaws.

Additionally, the zone leaders are responsible for recruiting precinct leaders and workers to help serve our most important mission of the Palm Beach Democratic Party:  to get out the maximum vote for Democratic candidates, as well as those candidates endorsed by the DEC for offices elected on a nonpartisan basis.  For administrative and campaign coordination purposes, the Palm Beach Democratic Party divides the county into 15 geographic zones, each with its own zone leader(s).

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