Youth Engagement / Young Adults

The Palm Beach County Democratic Party understands the importances of Youth and Young Adults in the political process. For that reason the Party has formed a Youth Coordinating Committee

Mission Statement:
Shall plan, coordinate, and conduct countywide outreach to youth communities in Palm Beach County not served by other committees, especially those enrolled in colleges and high schools. Shall also serve as liaison, point of contact, and information hub for parties seeking to pursue youth outreach among Democratic and potential Democratic voters within the county.


Palm Beach County Young Democrats Club

For young people 14 – 40. The Young Dems aim to build broad coalitions of young people in a diverse membership to amplify youth voices in the political process.

Florida High School Democrats

For high schoolers – the statewide org can help you find or start your local chapter. HS Dems are the entry point to Democratic politics for youth activists from across the state

Florida College Democrats

For all college students. To help mobilize college campuses to engage with Democratic politics through voting and activism. There are currently 15 chapters across the state

Florida Future Leaders

Youth PAC – This isn’t your parents’ organizing. Through FFL, we’re combining the power of Florida College Democrats, Florida High School Democrats, and paid on-campus organizing to make change in our communities. We aren’t a new organization, but we’re bringing fresh faces and more action into 2024 and beyond.

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