Party Resolutions

  • 10/7 Resolution Requesting Governor Ron DeSantis Remove Dr. Joseph Ladapo, M.D., Ph.D. as Florida’s Surgeon General
  • 10/7 Resolution on Abortion & Reproductive Justice
  • 09/22 Resolution Modifying Senate Filibuster
  • 09/22 Resolution for Passage of the “Freedom to Vote Act”
  • 06/03 Resolution Recognizing PBC School Board Members Who Stood Firm in Support of Equity For All in Education
  • 06/03 Resolution Censuring Four PBC School Board Members Who Voted to Weaken School District Equity Statement…
  • 05/06 Resolution Denouncing the Passage of SB 90
  • 04/01 Resolution in Support of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community and Condemning Anti-Asian Violence
  • 04/01 Resolution Denouncing White Supremacy and White Nationalism
  • 04/01 Resolution Against House Bill 1
  • 04/01 Resolution to Support Modernizing Florida’s Unemployment Insurance Policy
  • 04/01 Resolution Against Voter Suppression
  • 02/04 Resolution in Support of Vaccinating All Teachers/Face-to-Face Support Staff Performing In-person Duties, as Essential Workers, Regardless of Age, to Protect the Health, Safety and Emotional Well-Being of Our Students, Families, & Communities
  • 01/14 Resolution Sanctioning U.S. Representative Brian Mast and U.S. Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, and Calling for Their Resignations
05/04 Resolution Condemning Antisemitism​
03/01 Resolution on Strengthening Gun Restriction Laws in Order to Prevent the Non-Military Use of Assault Rifles such as the AR-15, Multiple Round Ammunition Clips, and Bump Stocks in the State of Florida
10/05 Resolution Calling for a Moratorium on Charter School Expansion and a Halt to the Privatization of Public Education​

02/04 Resolution Supporting Renewable Energy Resources and President Obama’s Position on the 2015 Paris Accord on Climate Change and Other Bills that Address Climate Change

01/07 Resolution Against Open Carry of Handguns

01/07 Resolution Against Handguns on Campuses

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